Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The 'statement from the leader' issued today implies that UNISON is responsible for delays in the process.
Firstly lets remind ourselves that the single status agreement was signed in 1997
TEN YEARS AGO! and none of the delay can be placed at the door of the trade unions.
we make no apologies for wanting to make sure any deal is equal pay proof before it is put to members, that is why the proposals are in the hands of our national office, as the authority well knows , the leaders advice for union members " lobby their trade unions to clear the way for a ballot is therefore somewhat disingenuous.
we are however meeting national officials on Thursday to discuss the proposals and hope to have an announcement on friday.
The leaders statement that 'honouring increments....will inevitably lead to a reduction in services" appears to ignore the fact that these increments are not new and would have always ( in the absence of the employers deadline) been honoured

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