Friday, 22 February 2008


whilst we wait for our national office to decide whether we can ballot on the councils proposals , it is worth pondering on a few things;

staffordshire- following a 86% vote in favour of their new pay-scale they drew the following conclusion:

"as a result of this collective action (strikes held in 2006) , the authority withdrew their proposal, and committed themselves to meaningful and transparent negotiations with the trade unions, including an increase in the funding for the new pay structure."

Argyle and Bute branch , where a series of strikes led to the Council making new proposals.

Birmingham branch where UNISON members who are not losing continue to support those members who will lose and a further strike on the 26th February has been announced.

Hopefully we as union members in Wolverhampton will stick by the basic tenets of trade unionism and remember the 20% of losers in Wolverhampton when the time comes?

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