Monday, 18 January 2016

Local Government branches in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are asked to consult members on a final two-year pay offer received from the
Local Government Association.

The UNISON NJC Committee’s view is that the offer falls far short of what our members deserve and employers can afford. The Committee is recommending REJECTION of the offer.

Details of the consultation and timetable are set out below.

The deadline for returning results to your Region is
5.00 pm on Thursday 18 February 2016.

In June 2015, the NJC Trade Union Side submitted the following one-year pay claim for 2016/17:

·         Deletion of NJC and all local pay points which fall below the level of the UK Living Wage (and deletion of GLPC pay points below London Living Wage) and a flat rate increase of £1 per hour on all other pay points;

·         Retention and protection of NJC Green Book, Part 2 terms and conditions

·         Fair treatment for school support staff through a joint review of term time working.

At the meeting of the NJC Executive held on 9 December 2015, the Local Government Association (LGA) made the following two-year final offer in response to our claim:

From 1 April 2016:

·         On SCP 6, £900 (equivalent to 6.6%)
·         On SCP 7, £900 (equivalent to 6.6%)
·         On SCP 8, £900 (equivalent to 6.5%)
·         On SCP 9, £900 (equivalent to 6.4%)
·         On SCP 10, £900 (equivalent to 6.3%)
·         On SCP 11, £300 (equivalent to 2.0%)
·         On SCP 12, £300 (equivalent to 2.0%)
·         On SCP 13, £250 (equivalent to 1.6%)
·         On SCP 14, £250 (equivalent to 1.5%)
·         On SCP 15, £200 (equivalent to 1.2%)
·         On SCP 16, £200 (equivalent to 1.2%)
·         On SCP 17, £175 (equivalent to 1.01%)
·         On SCPs 18 and above, 1.0%

And from 1 April 2017

·         On SCP 6, £500 (equivalent to 3.4%)
·         On SCP 7, £500 (equivalent to 3.4%)
·         On SCP 8, £475 (equivalent to 3.2%)
·         On SCP 9, £400 (equivalent to 2.6%)
·         On SCP 10, £375 (equivalent to 2.5%)
·         On SCP 11, £300 (equivalent to 1.9%)
·         On SCP 12, £300 (equivalent to 1.9%)
·         On SCP 13, £300 (equivalent to 1.9%)
·         On SCP 14, £300 (equivalent to 1.8%)
·         On SCP 15, £300 (equivalent to 1.8%)
·         On SCP 16, £250 (equivalent to 1.5%)
·         On SCP 17, £225 (equivalent to 1.3%)
·         On SCPs 18 and above, 1.0%

Joint review of term-time working agreed

As part of this pay offer, the LGA agreed to our call for fair treatment for school support staff through a joint review of term-time working. 

Protection of Part 2 conditions refused

The LGA were not prepared to meet the other element of our claim, calling for the retention and protection of Part 2 conditions.
The LGA’s pay offer letter is attached, together with indicative scales setting out the impact of the offer on each spinal column pay point (scp) on the NJC pay spine and the London GLPC Inner and Outer pay spines.

The UNISON NJC Committee has agreed to hold a formal consultation on the Employers’ final pay offer for 2016/18 under the Service Group Pay Consultation Procedures.

UNISON’s NJC Committee’s view on the pay offer

The UNISON NJC Committee recommends that members REJECT the two-year 2016/18 pay offer. The Committee believes that the offer falls far short of what our members deserve and the employers can afford. However, the Committee is clear that the offer is the best achievable by negotiation and that nothing short of a concerted campaign at political level and industrial action up to and including all out strike action will have the potential to improve the offer.

Branches are asked to consult members on this basis, setting out clearly the recommendation of the UNISON NJC Committee and using the consultation question enclosed. The UNISON NJC Committee will be meeting on Tuesday 23 February 2016 to consider the results of the consultation and agree the next steps in our pay campaign.


Unite is also consulting their members on the basis that the pay offer should be rejected. GMB is adopting a neutral position in their membership consultation.

Friday, 30 October 2015

 Do you know a star in your local school?

The Branch is running a ‘Nominate a Star’ competition in order to celebrate the work of school support staff in Wolverhampton and to show how valued they are by their community. 
 This is part of a national UNISON campaign called ‘Stars in our Schools’ which recognises these ‘unsung heroes’ of the education system.
We are looking for members of non-teaching staff in Wolverhampton schools who you feel deserve to be celebrated and to rec...eive a prize. This could be a person who has provided extra support to a pupil in need or the person who makes learning interesting and accessible. If you know somebody who you think is a star, please nominate them for a prize.
You just need to tell us who you are nominating, where that person works, why you are nominating them and your own name.
 Entries can be posted to UNISON Wolverhampton General Branch, Civic Centre, St Peters Square, Wolverhampton WV1 1RR or emailed to wolvesunison@btconnect.com using the subject line ‘Nominate a Star.’ Entries must be returned by Wednesday 11th November.’

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Roger is Branch secretary of Knowsley branch and has been a member of UNISON national executive since the unions inception.
Members of the branch committee felt in the challenging times ahead with the threats of the Tory Trade union rights bill (which will seriously curtail the activities of the trade union movement and our ability to protect members and terms and conditions) and the continuing attack on jobs and services, that Roger was the best person to lead our union.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

We need to start mobilising members now to make our voices heard

On Sunday, it will be just five weeks to the TUC’s demonstration in Manchester marking the opening of the Tory party conference by declaring: “No to austerity, Yes to workers’ rights”.

It is no accident that the government is attacking our union at the same time that it’s attacking our members and our livelihoods.

That's why UNISON activists across the country are mobilising to get members along to Manchester and show the strength of our opposition to these attacks.
We are taking a coach from Wolverhampton 

For info contact
or email wolvesunison@btconnect.com