Friday, 8 February 2008

light at the end of the tunnel?

The branch is still waiting for the national office to assess the wolverhampton single status proposals. They are only assessing the proposals in terms of whether it is equal pay proof ( in other words that it has addressed the legal equal pay issues.
Staffordshires proposals have now been assessed by the national office and Staffordshire branch are in the process of balloting its members .
If press reports are to believed however, the Staffordshire proposals are being presented has having been 'formally backed' by UNISON. This as indicated above is not the role of the National Office.
If the National office do not find a proposal equal pay proof this branch has to reject it out of hand. It does not mean that if the National office do pass it that we have to recommend it to members.
it is still our belief that this proposal involves too many red circled posts (losers) and that it should be rejected.
Birmingham strike success
The wolverhampton branch banner was in Birmingham at what was a very successful rally celebrating the succssful strike by Birmingham UNISON members.
We have no doubt , that should it prove necessary our branch will be just as succesful.
It is interesting that the Leader of the Labour group on Birmingham Council
Albert Bore expressed full labour support for the strike and that "negotiating changes to the structure was not an option, it has to be abandonded and started again".
Maybe they just talk differently in opposition?


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