Friday, 20 September 2013

Following the Councils sudden announcement that a 1000 voluntary redundancies were needed or compulsory redundancies would be necessary , the branch called a special meeting.
The meeting agreed the following motion;

"This branch condemns the Condem governments continued assault on public services .
We believe this attack is ideologically driven and will not be stopped until our services are completely decimated.

But this branch also condemns Wolverhampton Labour Council and by their silence Wolverhampton labour party in their acquiescence to Government dictat .
Rather than invoking the spirit of ‘poplarism’ , they hold their hands up and surrender.
The branch believes this is both a betrayal of the trade union movement and the Wolverhampton electorate who put them there.

This branch believes it would be well to remember that whilst the  labour councillors in Poplar were sent to prison for their fight to protect the workers and their families from unjust Government attacks, Labour Councillors today do not face this threat.

This branch believes that there comes a point when labour councils must recognise they are no longer defending workers
And have become merely the agents of the government

This branch resolves;
 to  call on the labour council to actively oppose cuts and be prepared to set a ‘needs led’ budget.

To conduct a consultative ballot of our members on the question of taking industrial action to defend further job losses, to oppose any mass compulsory redundancies and service cuts".

UNISON members care about the services we provide and the people we serve.
We have engaged with the employer in restructure after restructure seeking to provide reduced services and shed jobs to meet the budget cuts imposed by the Con Dem government.
There comes a time however , when we need to say
Enough is enough
This far and no further!
As members of the trade union movement we cannot accept , as our Labour Council (and by its silence the labour party itself ) Does.-They say there is no alternative! They say their hands are tied!

They say this course of action will best safeguard the future Of services needed by the the people of this city.

We say how can savage cuts in jobs and services safeguard The future of services?
We say does anyone believe that when we have given up these jobs , that the Tories will stop their decimation of public services?

We say how can labour councillors elected by the working class of Wolverhampton act as puppets?

Where is their fight ? where are their principles?
They say lets unite as the labour movement and  fight against tories cuts,
But its they who are the authors of these cuts, whilst they themselves rule out fighting as elected councillors.

“some shed tears” we are told , its not tears we need Its bravery and fight!

In unity is strength!

It is no longer a case of keep your head down , or as long as its not me mentality , because it could easily be any of us.

We must take action to defend jobs and services
We  must consult our members on industrial action !

But some will question can we win or whats the point?
We can t guarantee that by taking action we will win
But what we can guarantee,
 is by doing nothing we will assuredly lose!

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