Thursday, 2 October 2008


The City Council has now issued UNISON with a HR1 form (formally a Section 188 Notice) under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.
This notification gives official notice that the local authority intends to make up to 300 posts redundant by 31 December 2009.
The local authority has also informed UNISON that it will be January 2009 before they know exactly which posts will go, however, we are aware that the posts will be from the 1700 employees currently working in customer services, finance, human
resources, information technology and procurement.
The first proposed compulsory redundancies will not take place before 1 April 2009.
The job losses are a direct consequence of the partnership for customer efficiency
services (PaCES) and the introduction of new systems by the City Council’s partner Axon.
The City Council believes the partnership will save £60 million over the next ten years, however, it has now become apparent that more money than first realised has to be put into the partnership by the council at an earlier stage, putting further strain on the council’s finances and leading to the partnership being re-negotiated even before it’s signed!
In the meantime the council has announced further savings will have to be found to bridge a £35 million shortfall by 2011.
UNISON is now having weekly meetings with Chief Officers and consulting on ways of avoiding compulsory redundancies, including external recruitment restrictions, not filling vacancies, redeployment into the new structures and seeking volunteers from across the council. (Although the Council is refusing to adopt this option).
300 job losses should not be acceptable to the council tax payers of Wolverhampton, UNISON will do everything we can to avoid compulsory redundancies, managed
correctly the 300 compulsory redundancies are avoidable.

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