Monday, 3 December 2007


You may (or may not ) have received notification of your grade under the proposed payscheme.
Whilst 50% of posts will be gainers and 29% will remain unchanged, this is of little comfort to the 21% who will lose under the scheme (many facing substantial cuts).

At this stage the paymodel is still a proposal and UNISON is still negotiating with the Employer. Whilst the main focus of negotiation is aimed at reducing the number of losers, it is clear that the scope for making further reductions is limited due to the financial constraints the Employer has set on any scheme.
There will be a point in the immediate future when UNISON will need to decide whether to end negotiations and to go to a ballot of the membership.
Clearly UNISON can never recommend any deal under which members lose pay, we would have to decide therefore whether UNISON merely puts the offer to members or whether we actively recommend rejection. Any such decision will be made in consultation with branch officers and members.
As part of consutation there will be a branch meeting on
Tuesday 18th December at 7.00pm in the civic centre
anyone who has lost pay may be able to appeal under the appeals process which forms part of the payscheme, however as has already been said , at the moment the scheme is a proposal and until it is formally agreed (or imposed) employees will not need to lodge an appeal.
At this stage UNISON would advise members that have been informed that their post is Red circled (loseing), or anyone with particular concerns to register their complaint witht he Human Resources hot-line number provided in your Single Status pack, and to contact the UNISON office if they wish to discuss their concerns.

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